Why I started?

Welcome to my Positivitea BLOG !
I am so excited that you will be sippin’ tea with me!

In 2013, I started blogging during the hardest time of my life!
1. I lost the job I loved
2. Betrayed by a mentor
3. Mom suffered major health issues (She great now! Praise the Lord!)
4. Risk of being homeless… and eventually was homeless
5. Changed relationships: From family to strangers
6. I was a walking disappoint to some who I loved and rejected me.
At that time, the only thing positive that was going on for me was my credit score and therapy. lol

God rearranged me … to direct me where I needed to go and be. 🙂 So I am still here today and so are you!

Feel free to (re)connect, share, like and sip tea with me!

Comment and live positivetea!