Reevaluating …


What is an enemy? “A person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.”

Although I despise having enemies, the experiences have shown me that their is a strength and truth to what Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.”

There are benefits to taking the high road. It’s easy not to get caught up in

1. Non sense

2. Gossip

3. Unwanted drama

4. Mayhem

Your integrity is crystal clear. One thing for sure, some people will lie or steal from you. So it’s just good to stay truthful. It’s better to be in trouble for honesty than dishonesty.

I must admit that this blog has been difficult to write because I had to do some self reflection. In all honesty, there are some situations that I was or still am an enemy to someone. Boundaries, preferences and relational differences have caused me to be an enemy. Some situations I don’t mind…lol and other situations its bothersome.

This year, I have experienced being an “enemy” by association, which basically means my association with a person makes me an enemy. Thru this I learned that people will cut all ties associated with their hurt. Although I dont know what the hurt is or was, I pray they are well.

This lesson made me reconsider why or what makes me want to “cut ties”? Are all ties meant to be cut, repaired?

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