Dear 2020

Dear 2020,

Some of us are counting the days of our “Shelter in Place”, while others are appreciating the “Quarantine” experience. Already 2020 has made a statement, it is not business as usual. You are not going to continue life not appreciating the people you love and not creating time for the things you want to do.

2020, you said, pump your breaks and think again if you think your daily experience is going to be without substance and value. Is 2020 giving me an attitude adjustment? Yes, it sure is. Is giving me a reality check? No doubt. 2020 tilted its head to the side and said not today, Shanina. How much time do you invest in what you value? Wasn’t that your goal?! If you can’t say amen, I said ouch.

I say all the time life isn’t perfect, but when imperfect things happen it forces me to pause and reevaluate what is the importance of what I am doing. When imperfect things happen do I complain or be a part of the solution. I know for me, when I have a certain plan in place and it is altered, it can be difficult to adjust because I did not plan for it. But what I am learning in 2020, is to find the beauty in the simplest things. To find the solution that can still bring the best outcome. To manifest my values and gratitude as I continue to check on the people I care about.

Now, is it that I did not value my day to day, nope. I believe I got caught up with the routine of the day and did not appreciate it. You are giving me an opportunity to see and address life in 2020 vision. To be truly content, happy and in love with life. To address the things I hide in the dark, to openly find the purpose in my pain and passion. Thank you for forcing my hand to address it … shedding light on what matters. I realize that there is more in me that I can manifest.



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