Flowers Don’t Compete with No One

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We live in a world where competition is all around us.

Whose the first.. Whose better… Who wore it better…Whose making the most money… Were you the first to see that post… hear that “news”… Or the first to buy a product…

Its like we are the first in catching someone else’s dreams, products and visions except our own.  Its like we will purposely not invest time in our self because its easier to allow others to live our dreams for us, because of the belief system about ourselves. Well, as Winnie the Pooh stated in the new movie Christopher Robin, “People say nothing’s impossible but I do nothing everyday.” (Some may get that later)

Don’t get me wrong, competition has its perks. When it comes to knowing your personal or professional best …  when individuals, friends, family etc inspire you to do better for your life goals, aspiration etc. In other words, healthy competition is GREAT! Team player, good competition. Usually when people know they are competing makes a great outcome. However, what I am referring to is when people compete at the expense of others, professional or personal pettiness, people who lose their identity… or make excuses to treat people wrong.

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At times competition may insinuate that in order to be the “best” or “get ahead” you have to dehumanize, degrade or humiliate someone else. Other times you have to look and be someone you are not. Some take the risk to lose themselves and while other may explore an alternate path. If we can learn from nature, the world would be so different.


assorted color of rose flowers

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Bare with me as I give this crazy analogy.

The Rose and Carnation: The Rose always had to be the best at everything, even at the expense of relationships (sounds familiar to anyone). The Rose decides to manipulate the relationship with Carnation to get everything it needs. At the end, the Rose looked like an artificial flower while the Carnation is missing petals. The Carnation tries to be the best by having a giving heart while the Rose believes that being the best is by taking. Both have challenges to figure out what makes them unique. Some may feel bad for the Carnation others may say she/he should of known that person was using them.  Whereas the Rose, may seek another relationship because he/she is not able to maintain any. Giving and taking too much can leave anyone feeling empty. Whether you are Rose or Carnation, we all seek relationships with ourselves and others. We all are a work in progress.

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Standing in your own beauty is enough; work within yourself. You are an amazing bouquet of flowers. Surround yourself with amazing flowers so that you can bloom together.



Dragon Flower


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