Stand Committed

I know it has been a loooonnngggg time sense I have posted anything. I started an Esthetician program which has consumed much of my time. I am glad to report that I am 3 weeks away from completing my hours. (yeah!) However, in the mean time, I found a monologue/speech I wrote down years ago. I do not know who said it or where I got it from. It came at the right time for me to read today.

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“Committed in controversy is not easy.

Committed in disappointment is not easy.

Committed without recognition is not easy.

Committed without appreciation is not easy.

Put on the whole armor

Stand having all to stand

Stand in the middle of controversy …

Stand in the middle of the storm…

Stand in the middle of loneliness…

Stand in the middle of an attack…

Because you have to put on the whole armor of God to stand

… stand when it hurts… when you are confuse… when you are uncertain…

When they try your heart… everything in you wants to collapse down… [but stand]”

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This particular part of my journey feels much lonelier. My life feels like a journey of timeless transitions. They say the only thing constant is change. You think by now, I will be use to it. But, it seems to get harder as I get older. As the Lord will have it, I am reminded to stand in Him.




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