You’re Acting Funny

Growth and change are an interesting intersection. People don’t grow unless they accept change … People can’t change if they are unwilling to grow. I am at a point in my growth where if you don’t want me to grow with you, great. If you want to grow with me, great; because either way… I am going to be great. 😁

My greatness is not in others ability or inability to see my worth, value and confidence. It is my ability to embrace my greatness that God has given to me to share with others. The greatness I hold is a gift from God. When I share it, its my gift back to him. When 2 or more great people come together… #gesh #magic #sipstea

Since I have reshifted my energy and focus, folks are quick to point out my change as negative or ‘distant’. Why? When folks start to point out your greatness as a problem… #sipstea It is an indication that folks may be using what you are great at as an excuse to not be great themselves. Meaning, we all face challenges and we are not perfect. Some people are brought in our lives as the thorn in our side to press us out of our  comfort zone, so we can be used more in our purpose.  This process can be overwhelming and confusing because, it may feel like you are out of place, but you know you are in your right place. The distant comes to figure out the puzzle that is shifting. As the puzzle shifts, every change is senstive and you can quickly point it out, however as you do, you quickly become the “problem”. 

This has been the story of my life.  

You’re acting funny, because you are not being fooled; you’re not falling for the same excuses. You decided to have a change of heart about yourself. You even decided to put yourself first, and folks have a problem with that! People will always have an issue when changes does not benefit them. Change is funny. Its all in the perspective. Some will love it. Some will misinterpret it. Some will judge it. But one thing about growth and change, its the one thing that is consistent.

I give people 100 plus percent all the time. I was not raised to do mediocre anything (literally). Some view it as, “extra”, “over the top” or “even doing too much”. I call it normal. 🤗 However, it comes a point where if I do not put boundaries on takers they will soak me up dry and not care. So know with change, it also changes where you put your mind, soul and energy as you invest in yourself and people. 

I am learning to take care of myself first. That has caused a shift in how I interact with others. I am more conscience in where and how my time is being used. Especially if it is draining my energy. I am also looking at how folks give and receive. Its causing me to take a step back and be more observant. Although I know I am not prefect at it, it has opened my eyes to how geninue, heartfelt and real my relationships are with people. I am so happy for that. I’m also learning how some relationship drain me from focusing on things that are worth my time.

I don’t expect people to do or give as I do. However, I hope people can genuinely be themselves in their growth. We dont have to penalize growth and change but we do have to embrace the process.


I am acting funny! 


One thought on “You’re Acting Funny

  1. Great is about growth. Thank you for the post. It reminds me of a quote. “You have the opportunity… the problem is you are not operating in your greatness in that opportunity. ” ~ anonymous

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