Life Lessons


The mind ignores what the soul wants to remember. It’s crazy how life and personal boundaries are crossed and not recognized. How you feel one thing but think the opposite. How we live in a world where we choose to ignore the right and accept the wrong. That its okay to “dumb down” so that someone’s ego won’t get hurt. That its okay to hurt people because someone has the “authority” to do so. Life is not Burger King, have it your way. Life has a way of teaching lessons to the avoidable,the arrogant and the proud. Somehow life, will merge the good, the bad and the ugly to breed a situation to learn and grow from. The situation can make you better or bitter. However, life has taught me lessons I will never forget …

1. Life will always throw you curve balls… no need to throw or create your own.

2. When life throw you lemons… you have a choice not to stand under that tree.

3. Live with no regrets.

4. “Loyalty is not slavery.” unknown

5. A tree can not grow from dead roots.

6. Pointing the finger never accepted responsibility for their actions and never solved a problem.

7. It always looks easier when someone else is doing the work.

8. Take no relationship for granted.

9. Character is built on how you respond to difficulty.

10. People will remember how you made them feel first before your pedigrees.

11. True leadership is not built on personalities or egos.

12. Betrayal, lies and deceit bears no color.


In life, I know hope will carry you through. It is the expectation of something MUST change! Witnessing the worst and expecting a better end. That if I don’t quit now… I will surely… make it. The light at the end of the tunnel.


Wow…. when you can take your hardships and learn from them. The challenges that changed you, you can now help someone else. Even through all the ugliness life brings… surely, there is beauty in some of it. There are lessons to be learned. Most of all, in hard ships “remember the lesson not the experience.”


One thing I know… hardships, challenges, being out your comfort zone, accepting decisions beyond your control… is a divine announcements that bigger and better is waiting around the corner.  Its an announcement that where you were did not have the capacity to keep you. That sometimes answered prayers are behind the unthinkable.

Giving up the good for the great…the great for the awesome… the awesome for the magnificent. .. the magnificent for the incredible. .. the incredible for the UNBELIEVABLE… from unbelievable to reality… and than… starting it all over again. When you stop learning the soul stops growing.


Life is beautiful… it’s all in the way we embrace it. 🙂




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