What if…


What would your life look like if you had no fear?
If limits didnt exist?
If your mind didnt know there was boundaries you put on your dreams?
That the very enemies who try to stop you were viewed as fuel for greatness…


What if you acknowledge the very thing you love is holding you bk …
the very thing thats normal … shouldn’t be… giving up the good for the great…the great for the awesome… the awesome for the magnificent. .. the magnificent for the incredible. .. the incredible for the UNBELIEVABLE. ..


Life… has a way of bringing out the places we are scared to touch but long to explore… uncomfortable moments that press us to be in better places… deeper moments of the mind… displaying the matters of the heart… the issues that need to be addressed but avoided so easily… its the elephant in the room… the elephant in the sand… the dirt under the rug…


We avoid in hopes life will turn the other cheek and be kind… however… we replace the hope for fixes that can’t be motivated or sustained… the hope that drives the believing is neglected by blurred and confused microwave answers with no soul or depth…. but we continue to accept it as truth. We wonder why the cycle is sooo long… because people have decided to fool themselves and fester it.


What if we were our biggest encourager??? That the words we say were plastered on our skin… our thoughts in living statements… would your words be consistent with who we think you are… or who you know you are…. would it be shocking!?!

Be you!!! No one has your DNA and everybody else is taken.

Life is about creating the you… you want to be. Life is a puzzle. Your life is your stage. How will you live it today???
Decisions… maybe hard but its worth it!! When the unbelievable is believable. .. embrace the unknown of it!!!




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