For Better or for Worst…


The truth hurts… I think this is why honesty is hard to come by. Folks hide behind or use  feelings as an escape  to avoid truth. 


Lying to cover a truth. ..can turn into betrayl! Betrayl… is when the heart and mind are deceived.  How often do we decieve ourselves to protect the feelings we dont want to address? Hard decisions that change lifetime friendships …relationship. … family connections….


It comes a time where the decision is unavoidable. Sooner than later… the truth reveals what betrayl tried to cover up. And in that moment…. in that reaction. .. in your response lies the bond that will tear it a part…define new boundaries. .. shifts relationship connection.


For better or for worst… as it says. .. but is it lived? When hard decisions reveal character. .. can we trust again.


We always hear that no one is perfect… but when it comes to forgiveness… grace, mercy… love… these have expiration dates when hurt… mistakes … wrongness occurs. I have to say for myself this is not my strong suit.

I am praying that I can forgive myself for the hard decisions I have to make that will affect the ppl around me.


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