Dear Love,

Its been a while since I acknowledged your existence… scared that you would reject me and put me in a pit. Soooo tired of your emotional error. Didnt realize love… I experienced your counterfeit.

When I saw you… it was true….
For one moment I had a heart…
The joy of having a heart…
Your counterfeit confused me stating I most mourn what I didnt have … and beg for a moment in time that cant be replaced.


That moment with you… my heart was adjusted… realigned… a taste of what I always wanted … a moment that cant be replaced but hopefully refilled when time allows it to happened … till than…
Free as an eagle
Flowing like a river


Yeeeee!!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dear Love,

  1. “Love” is not who we have trouble trusting or believing in as much as we have trouble trusting and honoring ourselves. Is the “counterfiet” our own deficiencies and fears? I have often wondered about that.

    1. I think the “counterfiet” is when you allow yourself to be in an environment that is not safe and loving – and you wonder what your own deficiencies are that allowed you to do that for so long – leading to mistrust of both yourself and “the other”. So the “counterfeit” is both directions………

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