Enemies have Purpose

Process is powerful… if you allow it to transform your character and mindset… it will produce your life mission, goals, and dreams. Too many people are stagnate because they do not want to go through process to achieve greatness. Process declares that some people will stay in your life and others will be dismissed. Process does not care about relationship commitments or feelings. Its only purpose and goal is to propel, develop and excel you to your purpose.

Greatness comes when process develops good character.  As humans we desire… “pretty”, “good” or “nice” outcomes because… “people” are watching. However,  what happens when process exposes the dark places of the soul… the scary places of the mind… the hurtful places of the heart? It comes a time in process where the things you fear are exposed to all… even your enemies.


A lot of times… process exposes vulnerabilities… which are perceived as weakness.  No one wants to appear weak to an enemy. However, if we can “control” the transparence and vulnerability of growing (the good and bad)… than its okay. Hmmm however God doesn’t always work that way.


So far my life has been a close book till now. God is helping me to develop my voice to empower others. No battle is won without scars, suffering and pain. When using your shield of faith, feet shod with the gospel of peace, and the s(word) in battle… I tend to forget the other armor: breast plate of righteousness,  helmet of salvation and loin of truth . (Esphesian 6:13-20) Enemies attack your integrity, relationship with God and stance in battle. His job is to demoralize you so you dont pray with all prayer and not be encouraged in the gospel.


Paul hints at how your enemy strategies the verse before. Look… this is not “super spiritual”… your enemy attacks where they know your weak… soft… your feelings… betrayl… They control where you allow them too. Your… “I cant help it” … “it’s always been that way”. Your enemy will win EVERY TIME because of your refusal to change your mind and actions. Your enemy is living rent free in your head. .. your heart because you allow it. Your enemy is strategic.  Team with God so you can win the WAR. 


Dont be blind to your enemies tactics. Psalms 23 and 27 verses are quoted a lot. However, what does it truly mean for the Lord to walk through the valley with you? What does it look like for the Lord to prepare a table before your enemies? Some of us will never know because we allow them ( enemies) to “make us lose control”… “act a fool”. How long will you see your enemy as a hurdle instead of a footstool? Your enemy can propel you to your future… make you stagnate in a circle… and/or stay where you are thinking and not mobilizing.

What valley are you going through that your enemies appears to be victorious? They see your pit as your future?
That your allowing them to win by your response?


Success is attained but enemies are present. Look at Joseph’s life… where he was elevated but did not retaliate (Genesis 37-50). Job suffered… in his pain he pursued God (Book of Job). Folks talk about their haters but have no success to brag about. Enemies will do what they do best. It is up to us to learn ourselves… pray that God works on us so we don’t lose out… not just for ourselves but for our family, friends, community and nation. Our victories will help another in battle in their mind, body, soul and spirit. 


Your enemies will gossip and witness your success. They will put you in emotional uncertainties but the Lord ‘s staff and rod will protect and comfort you.

Just because you believe in God doesn’t erase enemies. ..trails… concerns… troubles. Its better to go through your storms with God than without him. See your enemies as God sees them… place holders that are markers for transition and red flags for change of season.


Enemies declare that shift is about to happen… (Thanks Sandi Kawkski)

With Great Appreciation for Purpose,


*PS: If you have an enemy that is putting you in danger/in harms way call 9-11.
If you are looking for coping support reach out to your doctor and local resources.


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