Contaminated Success

Contaminated Successors….


History has shown us that this is nothing new. Countries to families are built upon some type of contamination (prejudice, assumption etc) of an individual or group… lack of truth and understanding… hatred or dislike of an individual or group…  they see “wrong” that needs “fixing” or “correction”. Success to them is back stabbing and two face maybe four faced 🙂 to get the job done. The only loyalty is to themselve, their name and title. The “how to” part of success is irrelevant.

They are like a bulldozer. Instead of using the bulldozer as it is instructed …. They use it to destroy everyone and everything in their path. Not paying attention to the ones on the wayside yelling… the one who provided the gas …the people who built the bulldozer… the person who provided the blueprint… If you are not in the bulldozer… you are not a part of “success”… you are the distraction.

They have a tunnel vision… a one track mind…

They are professional at burning bridges with people…

They are passionate without integrity… meaning they are a heart felt liar…


Interestingly, they see the the person who slows them down… as the enemy… the weakest link… the “contaminator” of successful vision.  Does this sound like anyone you know? Maybe the person in the mirror?

The issue with contaminated successors is that although they are successful on paper.. they are not successful with people. Did I say something there!!! Their relationship with people will be to their own detriment because when they look back… no one will be standing, applauding or clapping. To validate their works… to recommend their good deeds

Are the roots… the very core of your being a reflection of why you are successful? Did you have to lie, black ball, black mail, low blow, brown nose, cover up, cheat or steal to get to where you are today? When someone says your name what adjective comes to mind? When you think of your own success, is it covered in gossip, arrogance or deceit? Is it covered in no gratitude?

No one is perfect however, the morals, values and beliefs of who we are should be consistent with how we respond to life. If it is drastically different… than you must reexamine why your behavior is a lie. 
So the question should be have you been consistent… real to yourself? How can you expect someone to take your success seriously if you are contradicting your self?Your own words?!?!?!  Wonder why your children look at you crazy… you lack conviction!


Hugs and Love!!!



2 thoughts on “Contaminated Success

  1. Wow.. As individuals we should correct our own behavior and treat others how you want be treated regardless how you are being treated. It hard being the better person but the outcome is amazing

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