Have you ever been unwanted? 

I’m talking about when the person you care for or love … just …don’t  want you… your mother, father, children, best friends, husband, wife, partner or loved one. The person that stuck closer to you like white on rice… The person who you thought would be around for ever… can not tolerate your presence… can not breathe the same air you breathe… the thought of looking at you makes them cringe. Being unwanted is a different type of depression… pain… void because it is often associated with betrayal, lies or unknown information. The person you smiled, hugged or shared your heart with has turned to someone you never met.


Manboard Shivram’s photo from Facebook

What is the strength behind your smile? Its hard to express yourself to a person who has already deemed it in their hearts your unwanted. You do your best to figure it out but to no prevail. You sit in silent pain, you cry behind silent doors and you fight a battle nobody knows because nobody listens. Its rub over… push under and forgotten. So what’s next??? What do you do???

At least if you are rejected, you know why. If you are wanted… at least you feel the pleasures of being needed or embraced. The strangest thing about being unwanted is… sometimes you will never know why it happens. Its this huge unanswered question that never gets resolved. So you move on guessing… unsure of mistakes or how you may have offended them. In most cases, its easy to forget, avoid or ignore… but when its someone you have invested love, time and energy… it not easy to cut ties. But I often wonder why it was sooo easy for them?? Could it be I was never wanted… valued or appreciated…. I will never know.

Positive Outlook

How do you take down the unwanted emotions in your life? Sometimes we focus on what we think the problems is… what others may feel or assume to many scenarios. However, we never stop to ask ourselves what can we do now to live now. How can we move on without them? If folks don’t want you… than push forward without them. Yes, its hard but life and time still goes on. Invest time in healing yourself and focus on people who truly love you… celebrate you and embrace you.

Sometimes God pushes people aside so you know what’s in their hearts by their actions (Matt 12:34). It hurts sooo much but its necessary for you to come a live and not be belittled… unwanted … by someone else’s negative vision of who you are… gifts…talents…experience.

Remember …

Positive Outlook


4 thoughts on “Unwanted

    1. Girl… I have learned that if someone can not articulate their feelings or communicate… its on them not you. The trouble is we will never know why. So we are stuck with a result that we chose not to have.

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