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One thing I’ve learned … on this life journey is that I’ve given tooo many people permission to validate me. This is a problem not just for me but for many of you reading this.

I had to reprogram my mind… my brain… because where I was … was not where God wanted me to be. So I had to change my thinking in order to understand what and how God was taking me through changes.


I had to be thirsty for what I was afraid of… the opportunities I wanted to reject but didn’t… the people I had to met but didn’t understand. Growing involves first not knowing… so when I started to learn new goals, concepts, strategies, subjects etc I began to understand the mentors around me. For example, when I was a radio journalist, I met people who did not share the same political opinion as me but their talent for radio was great. As a rule of thumb, I dont write off people who have a different opinion. Its an opportunity to grow, define yourself and develop friendships or work related connections.

In order to change… you also have to be around change agents… those you want to be like such as humor, life lesson or even career exploration.

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Talia is my inspiration to live with no regrets and no excuses. If you ever heard her on Ellen’s show or the work she did with Cover Girl and beyond… she was full of love, laughter and appreciation. Even in her down times she smiles. Her pursuit to make every second of life count by touching the heart of people is the life lesson Talia taught me.

Change is one of the few things that are consistent in life. How we respond to change is a learning moment for everyone.


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