It’s a Set Up

“It’s been a set up since the beginning. Your enemies will propel you into your destiny.”

Whether it is emotional, physical, financial, relationships or emotional… hardships hurt. How we respond not only affects everyone around us but also how we move forward in our lives.  In my deepest… darkest… depressing times in my life… it is hard to even conceive if I have a destiny. However, the Lord has placed everything in my life for a reason. I have called trails, hardships and troubles … PLOT TWIST.

ImageJust think about it… when bad things happen, we can sit and have a pity party, take action, or look at the situation and ask God about the PLOT TWIST.

I have come to realize that bad things happen to good people. Life will always present issues that are beyond our control. So I have began to change my thinking to challenge myself to be open to grow in my character and relationships with people in my hard times.

Today on Facebook, Positive Outlook posted this quote:Image

When I started to be thankful for God shifting my life, I started to see how and why God has orchestrated the good, the bad, the wrong, the right and the ugly steps. I totally understand what it means to rest in God. It is a feeling that my heart glows because I total trust in him.

Some enemies will never understand how hardships are used to make you better, stronger and wiser. However, the hope for them to change is in how we treat them.  Watch your thoughts, words, actions, habits and behavior. You never know who is looking… listening and what opportunity is around the corner because it may be in that moment when you chose to dehumanize than to embrace… to hate instead love… to dishearten instead of encourage… we can miss the set up (the opportunity) just like that and not even know it. How often has this happened??

We can hold grudges… be bitter… state hateful things… gossip all day… but at the end of the day… are you making decisions that are setting you back or propelling you forward? When bad things happen… do you use it as an excuse to be horrible to everyone in your path or do you acknowledge the PLOT TWIST? In the end, we are held accountable in how we treat each other and how we answer to the PLOT TWIST. Lets start by looking in the mirror and allowing God to fix our heart, renew our mind and spirit.

That we are not sooo focused on the storms that we forget God and prayer…

That storms will pass if we don’t stop to take pictures…

That all storms are temporary…

It’s a set up or a set back depending on your response…

From my heart to yours… #WPHug<3


Scripture: Psalms 34:17-19; Psalms 51


2 thoughts on “It’s a Set Up

  1. Wow!!! God’s favorite!!! Encouragement is one of the most effective ways to help, sooner or later, true obedience to God will invole risk and there is always someone who needs encouragement. Thank you for building up my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ through encouragment.

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